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Remote Coaching by Telephone and Email

Your own personal executive coach at the end of a telephone

Leadership DynamiX is pleased to announce the introduction of flexible remote executive coaching services, available on-tap as and when you need it, on a regular basis, by telephone, email and/or fax. Designed to give you easy access to David Norman personally, and used to discuss or work through virtually any career or skills development, behaviour change, habit resolution, personal concern, performance improvement or professional issue you want to address in any area of your career, relationships or life.

Just imagine the personal benefits of having regular contact with a highly experienced coach, with an independent professional perspective. Especially valuable; when facing a crisis and need a fresh approach, need to fix a potentially damaging relationship, when trying to resolve conflict, to bounce ideas off, seek goal clarity and direction, deal with a challenging situation, outmanoeuvre a politically astute opponent, strengthen team motivation, act as a sounding board, or any other behavioural, human performance or people issue?

This virtual service is in addition to, and augments, the successful long established in-person one-to-one executive coaching services. The rates (on application) are very attractive and are for a minimum of 2 hours (agreement option A), 4 hours (option B) and 7 hours (option C). See table and appendix below for complete details.


Remote executive coaching services include:

  • Full Access - The client (and/or designated persons) will have full and complete access and transfer of the total range of LDX and David Norman’s comprehensive range of coaching skills, knowledge, tools and techniques, resource recommendations and practical applications experience.
  • Expertise - Primary coaching information domains include: director development, executive coaching, leadership transformation, talent development, personal development, performance improvement, behavioural change, accelerated learning, change management and team development
  • Ease of Contact - will be via telephone, fax and email
  • Rapid Response - to any coaching enquiry, problem or issue is guaranteed to be dwelt with generally within 24 hrs


Flexible fee structure

Agreement       Agreement option periods
options Hrs/month Monthly Fee   3-month trial 1 year (less 10%)
Option A 2 fees on application
Option B 4 fees on application
Option C 7 fees on application


Monthly retainer options – 2, 4, 7 or an alternative agreed number of hours per month available on a 3 months trial and/or 1 year renewable agreement basis.



  • Contact - can be made ad hoc/ as and when wanted and/ or at a set time/s each week or month
  • The time billed - would include direct contact and/or ‘off-line’ preparation, research, investigation, analysis, feedback, approach, guidance, writing replies, etc. directly related to the enquiry. The fee includes all direct administration costs (telephone, fax and internet charges, secretarial, computer, photocopying, etc.). Others options available by arrangement
  • Upgrade to in-person - where requested one-to-one in-person coaching is available at plus only £50/hr inclusive of preparation and travel time for UK only, elsewhere by negotiated agreement

Hours not used - in any one month automatically rollover into the following month. Though all hours must be taken within 3 months of the end of agreement period. For hours used over the specified agreement, to be invoiced monthly and any balancing adjustments made at the end of the agreement period.

Please contact us directly for more details and information.

Leadership DynamiX
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