Entrepreneurial Coaching

Intrapreneurial Coaching – for all executives.

Many characteristics of successful entrepreneurs are shared by successful business leaders. Developing the most relevant entrepreneurial (outside organisation) competencies can be used to enhance intrapreneurial (inside organisation) skills as a basis for creating sustainable competitive advantage and building shareholder value.

These common capabilities may include: being highly focused, persistence, confidence in success, flair, strong self-belief, having high energy, working hard, a refusal to fail, demanding and impatient, highly competitive, never take no for an answer, and much else. These capabilities of successful entrepreneurship may be more contentious, or even counterproductive, in a corporate context, and include: like to break rules, have a propensity for risk, typically hold different values (eg, money vs family) never switch off, and others. It is possible to develop those abilities considered most desirable for future organisational success.

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