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The Leadership DynamiX Forum offers practical solutions for rapid effective leadership success in business. Designed to specifically put you ahead of the game, by exposing you to some of the latest developments in the world of leadership. You will have the opportunity to meet stimulating guest speakers and network with other like-minded people, and learn about the secret science behind director, talent and leadership success.

Practical Solutions for Success - Offering many practical solutions for rapid effective global corporate leadership success in business. The dynamic applied research part of the Forum was founded on many years of cutting-edge advanced applied research, intensive trainings and successful client applications.

Regular Meetings - Stimulating and inspiring meetings on cutting-edge innovative business leadership developments are held throughout the year. If you are a Times Top/Global/Fortune 500 company HR director, or director of: leadership, talent, coaching, learning, organisation or director development, please call for a personal invitation to learn and network at a future event in London.

Quick and Effortless Mastery - All the emergent formats, patterns and protocols developed are designed to be quick, effortless and simple to master, accelerating leadership, director and talent development, learning and transformation. A unique feature of this work is the dovetailing of the researched pattern into any assessment method providing a matching of behavioural competencies gaps, skills and development needs.

Furthermore, the Forum’s mission is to demonstrate how it is now possible to show immediate and often dramatic results, as well as demonstrating the potential for large time and cost savings. High on proven performance and low on theory. By gaining exclusive access to a roadmap of pragmatic applications and a powerful toolkit, you will have the opportunity to understand how this can make a real impact on your key people performance, culture, change, communications and executive development programmes.

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