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Practical solutions applied research corporate membership programme

The Leadership DynamiX Forum (LDF) was founded with the aim of increasing knowledge, skills and leading edge best practice to facilitate rapid effective, even step change, improvements in global corporate director, leadership, talent and career development and transformation in business.

The Forum was formally launched at the end of 2001, having taken several years to bring to fruition. It is a UK corporate organisation and corporate individual membership based, innovative applied research forum and network. Designed for HR directors, senior personnel, management and leadership development, learning, personal / professional development, OD, culture and change management professionals, and other senior and top executives. Who are deeply interested (or even as passionate, as we are!) in learning about radically better and faster ways of developing leadership (strategic, visionary, situational, inspirational, transformational, transcultural and lean) performance, behaviour change and skills in their firms.

The Forum offers practical solutions for rapid effective leadership success in business. Designed to specifically put you ahead of the game, by exposing you to some of the latest developments in the world of leadership. You will have the opportunity to meet stimulating guest speakers and network with other like-minded people, and learn about the secret science behind director, talent and leadership success. Offering many practical solutions for rapid effective global corporate leadership success in business. The dynamic applied research part of the Forum was founded on many years of cutting-edge advanced applied research, intensive trainings and successful client applications. Regular, stimulating and inspiring meetings on cutting-edge business leadership developments are held throughout the year.

Things that set us apart

For many people conventional learning, training and development is slow, uninteresting and difficult. Ground-breaking and advanced ‘Mastery in Leadership’ accelerated learning models are very fast, interesting and easy to learn and master, and typically use ‘one-trial’ ‘learning-to-learn’ approaches. Repetition for example, is NOT mandatory to learn a new, changed or enhanced behaviour, competence or skill. This is only done ONCE (one-trial learning, or ‘installation’), using powerful conscious and unconscious, on-going life improvement (‘learning-to-learn’) tools, techniques and skills. To gain the desired level of excellence a little practice is needed to rapidly gain the competence and growing confidence needed for mastery.

Furthermore, the Forum’s mission is to demonstrate how it is now possible to show immediate and often dramatic results, as well as demonstrating the potential for large time and cost savings. High on proven performance and low on theory. By gaining exclusive access to a roadmap of pragmatic applications and a powerful toolkit, you will have the opportunity to understand how this can make a real impact on your key people performance, culture, change and executive development programmes. A PowerPoint presentation about the Forum is available on request.

Why more research on leadership?

The overwhelming majority of work; on leadership behavioural competencies, 360 degree and psychometrics, by guru's (Bennis, Covey, Blanchard, etc), biographies (Welch, Branson, Gates, etc), business schools, consulting firms and organisations themselves, are strong (though not necessarily in agreement) on advising 'WHAT' people need to do to succeed. But far weaker on 'HOW' to do it, quickly and effectively to get the results they want.

We know of many executives, and even big name expert's, who understand 'WHAT' they and others need to do, but however much they know or how hard they try, don't know 'HOW' to get the desired results! The Forum seeks to redress this imbalance. By uniquely focusing on the emerging paradigm of powerful and sophisticated, yet easy and practical 'HOW' to replicate excellence, learning-to-learn tools, processes, skills and techniques, which ensure rapid effective leadership character, personality, performance, skills and capabilities development.

How to make winning leadership decisions

The LEF applied research programme is designed to demonstrate that virtually ANY behavioural leadership capability, skill or performance gap, for most executives, can be quickly and significantly improved. How? By applying Accelerated Change Methods (ACM) - a remarkable structured methodology capable of delivering replicable cognitive, emotional and behavioural patterns of human excellence. Further, it dovetails snugly into any competencies framework, 360-degree profile, psychometric instrument or leadership model. Works like effortlessly raising the 'Peter Principal' performance threshold, with deeply profound implications for future business leadership development.

Led by David Norman in consultation with highly experienced leadership specialists, LDF funds applied, practical and results driven research in important topics directly related to generating valuable ideas, insights and solutions in accelerated leadership character, personality, behaviour, skills and performance development. Because to the timeless nature of the applied research studies member meetings PowerPoint presentations (past copies are made available to new members when they join) exclusivity will be maintained for a period of five years after publication.

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