Competencies Dovetailing

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A Uniquely Flexible, Rapid Effective Approach to Leadership Transformation

This unique approach offers a flexible direct match approach to accelerated leadership, director and talent: development, learning, gap closure and transformation. The applied research design facilitates dovetailing into any corporate competencies framework, 360 degree feedback, personality profiling, assessment/development centre, personal development plan or psychometric instrument, at any level. No matter where you start, you can easily and continuously ‘bolt-on’ new or ‘drop-off’ old ’how-to’ behavioural competencies, skills and patterns to quickly adapt to shifting leadership demands

The purpose of the applied research is to develop a library of composite patterns that contribute to corporate global leadership success. This includes understanding ‘what’ leaders need to be great leaders, but far more importantly ‘how’ they can acquire the capability and skills to fulfil their potential, or even go beyond this.

This requires exploring many advanced accelerated human change technologies – cognitive, emotional, sensory, linguistic, spatial and behavioural strategies. This is integrated with the researchers own intensive training and extensive professional experience in researching and applying these approaches in practical client coaching and workshop interventions. Since all behaviour is patterned, it is possible to model extraordinary performance and replicate the results.

To develop an elegant pattern it is important to focus on understanding the essence that gives you the results you want. Then carefully and skilfully crafting a ‘protocol’ (stacking, layering and sequencing communications - steps, cognitive sequencing, influencing language patterns, beliefs, non-verbal language, learning styles, etc.) that is used to ‘install’ a ‘pattern of leadership excellence’. The Forum is devoted to exploring, understanding and developing these composite patterns and approaches to accomplish rapid effective leadership performance improvement.

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