Unlocking Your True Potential

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How to speed-up personal and professional development to get the results you want in your job, career, relationships, sport and life itself.

You are so much more than you think you are. For the most part, many people in organisations perform far below their true potential. This talk is designed to expand awareness of important new practical skills that quickly enhance personal growth, career and professional development and close behavioural competencies framework, 360 degree, PDP, assessment, appraisal and career development gaps. You will hear about leading-edge, yet tried and tested approaches to accelerated personal-growth and professional-development. Drawing on many years of extensive research into the boundaries of human potential, peak-performance and the behavioural strategies of successful people. This talk will put you firmly on track in your job, career and relationships, no matter where you are right now.

In just an hour or two you will learn how you can start to fulfil your real potential. You will acquire many practical ideas and tips for setting and achieving empowering and motivating goals, close competencies gaps, identify what you must think about and act upon, to get outstanding results. Furthermore you will learn the 'secrets' of peak-performers in business, life and sport. You will also develop a clear understanding of valuable new patterns which absolutely guarantee success in your job, career, relationships, sport and life itself

David Norman is a highly experienced senior and top executive coach and trainer. Many years broad international business strategy management consulting, and executive development experience. His current professional interests are in senior and top executive coaching, leadership development, accelerated training, as well as coaching some of the world’s top sports personalities.

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