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The essential core performance, strategic & transformational competencies for corporate success.

Roger Bannister was the first recorded person in history to break the 4 minute mile. That same year 30 people broke the barrier for the first time, and the following year 300 people broke it. What is the 'difference that made a difference'? One seemingly irrelevant, yet crucially important thing he did, was to reframe his goals, and use seconds rather than minutes! In the hurly burly of everyday corporate life what simple yet crucial questions do you ask yourself or your team, that will deliver a stream of performance breakthroughs and rapid corporate transformation to sustain competitive advantage?

Just what are the essential leadership life-skills that will consistently deliver 'the difference'? This talk will address that very question. Over the past few years, many individual executives in the UK and Europe in multinational organisations, large Plc's and small entrepreneurial firms, from different economic sectors have successfully participated in a unique leadership development programme. Applying success patterns used by extraordinary achievers, has enabled these people to create the life, performance and results they want.

Many programmes teach individuals how to plan the future, this one actually teaches them how to create it. Further, most executives know 'what' they specifically want to improve or achieve, or what leadership competencies or 360 degree gaps they need to close. This talk will show you 'how' this programme can achieve these changes. It is most unlikely that you will find any of these cutting-edge competencies skills, even in the most prestigious business school MBA, executive development programme or leadership training. If you want to get a steal on your competitors. Come and find out some practical tips on how to run your own sub-four minute mile in business.

David Norman is the programme creator, designer and developer. Many years broad international business strategy management consulting, and executive development experience. His current professional interests are in senior and top executive coaching, leadership development, accelerated training, as well as coaching some of the world’s top sports personalities.

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