Successful Goal Achievement

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How to set, maintain focus and motivation to achieve challenging goals in a rapidly changing environment

On the surface 'setting goals' sounds an easy and simple thing to do. Yet most people have great difficulty with goal-setting and goal-achievement. Research of extraordinary achievers shows a direct correlation between the level of sophistication deployed and results accomplished. Executives and teams who habitually use advanced approaches enjoy greater and more sustained success. This talk will tell you about these proven and successful methods to set, design and fulfil sharply-focused individual and team goals. Making them empowering, inspiring and motivating no matter how challenging, demanding or stretching, to get the business results you and your want.

Specifically, you will learn how to successfully, realistically and practically set, design and achieve individual and team business goals which galvanise commitment and deliver concrete results. Suitable for any situation, timeframe or organisational level or function - the board, sales teams, manufacturing, HR, etc

You will also hear about the 6 most important questions to ask when setting goals. Understand the key words, phrases and vocabulary to use, and equally avoid, which are essential to solid success. Learn how to 'size' goals to avoid 'overwhelm' or 'demotivation', be able to visualise them properly and, measure them with precision and accuracy. Fully understand why most goal setting methods fail, learn how to radically overhaul them to totally get the results you want. Understand the relationship between successful goals and; objectives, outcomes, visioning and mission statements. Retain sharp goal focus, concentration and commitment, despite the distractions of business uncertainty, upheaval and change.

David Norman is a highly experienced senior and top executive coach and trainer. Many years broad international business strategy management consulting, and executive development experience. His current professional interests are in senior and top executive coaching, leadership development, accelerated training, as well as coaching some of the world’s top sports personalities.

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