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How to achieve personal breakthrough results and development in less time

Just how do you resolve a stand-off between two valued directors who need to cooperate yet just don't get on? Or as a CEO needing to satisfy the Chairman's agenda whilst excelling in delivering your own? Or being at a critical career crossroads and unsure of which direction to go? Or the challenge of setting and achieving stretch goals that deliver? Or the need to quickly resolve a personal problem seriously affecting work performance? Or wish to upgrade communication or problem-solving skills? Or increase energy whilst lowering pressure, stress and anxiety? Or design, develop and rehearse a critical negotiation? Or simply have access to an informed and supportive sounding board? This talk will discuss some typical situations where executive coaching can make a real difference in resolving each brief quickly, effectively and confidentially. Can it not?

The talk draws on many years of executive coaching, counselling and mentoring experience working with individual Chairmen, CEO's, MD's, directors, managers and professionals across many different functions (finance, IT, strategy, sales, etc.). The secret of our success is our unique 'solution-focused' intervention methodology' (10% problem, 90% solution) we use to achieve outstanding results. Amazingly, it is possible to completely resolve issues without even knowing anything about the problem whatsoever (helpful for potentially embarrassing, sensitive or confidential issues)! The advanced cutting-edge life-skills we have developed are helpful here. This is in contrast to 'problem-focused' interventions (problem symptoms) used by most coaching professionals. This presupposes (scientific approach) that if you understand the problem, you understand the solution. Right for science. Wrong for people! Come along and bring your most challenging people, conflict or change problems, those that just won't go away. You may be surprised how easy it is to resolve them?

David Norman is a highly experienced senior and top executive coach. Many years broad international business strategy management consulting, and executive development experience. His current professional interests are in senior and top executive coaching, leadership development, accelerated training, as well as coaching some of the world’s top sports personalities.

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