Language at Work

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How to enhance your powers of influence and persuasion

Can you easily detect the powerful and unconscious conversational language patterns that Tony Blair and Bill Clinton have been trained to use? This talk will uncover these 'secrets' and tell about the many other ways you can use language more effectively. Language lies at the very heart of how we communicate, influence and persuade each other, and talk to ourselves, throughout everyday. We essentially communicate in two ways: Verbally, the actual words and syntax we use, and nonverbally, the way we say them - voice tonality (volume, pitch, timbre, etc.) and body-language (posture, gestures, eye movements, facial expressions, etc.). Beefing up these skills; will enable you to read others minds, detect tell-tail body-language signs, uncover hidden agendas, avoid misunderstanding, defuse conflict, conversationally elicit personality profiles, ascertain a persons most coveted values and beliefs, and quickly build rapport and trust. Will it not? This talk will also address:

  • Why most factory and office notices, and many advertisements, have the opposite effect to that intended, and how to change them.
  • Why many 'comedy' communications training films inadvertently 'install' inappropriate employee behaviours, and how to avoid this trap.
  • Why well crafted stories can change employee beliefs, values, culture and even behaviour, if you know how.
  • Why the words you use yourself (self-talk, thoughts, internal dialogue) determine precisely what you get in business, relationships, career and life itself, and how to change them if you are not getting what you want.

Also at this talk you will learn some practical language techniques which you can use immediately to influence those you seek to persuade in meetings, interviews, appraisals, interviews, presentations, sales calls, negotiations, or in everyday writing and conversations. You won't be interested if you already an outstanding wordsmith, orator and persuader. Those who desire to be more influential communicators will benefit enormously. Will they not?

David Norman is highly experienced in applying advanced language patterns to business improvement, personal development, management and leadership training, sales growth and culture change. A specialist in applied psycholinguistics (the psychology of language and general semantics), an internationally certified trainer and master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, a certified master hypnotist (hypnotic language patterns), and a degree major in psychology.

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