Golf is Good for Business

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Golf as a metaphor for understanding and communicating with people and learning the lessons of business and life

Do you want to boost the performance of your company? Then persuade your chief executive to play more golf. A US golf magazine recorded the golfing skills of 51 chief executives and then compared the results, with the three-year stock market performance of their companies. The 11 bosses with the best handicaps (average 12.4), were from companies with the best share performance. The 11 poorest golfers (average 17.2) belonged to the worst performing companies. The Sunday Times recently revealed that a similar pattern emerges in the UK - companies run by better-than-average golfers tend to outperform the firms headed up by hackers. The chief executives of the top 20 companies on the FTSE 100 boasted an average handicap of 15.8. Here are some specific ways your golf score and your business can be improved, which in the case of golf, experts agree is anything up to 95% mental:


  • Focus on the smallest target you want to achieve than on the hazards you want to avoid.
  • Stay calm and confident under pressure
  • Looking back from the greens yields more value than looking forward from the tees.


  • Focus on the specific goals you want to achieve than on the problems you want to avoid.
  • Stay calm and congruent under pressure.
  • Planning back from the future is more insightful than conventionally planning forward.

Come along and learn how to avoid the toughest hazards on any golf course - your own mind! This talk will give you some practical tips for building confidence, concentration and consistency. If you are getting all the results you want, please don't come. This is only for people who want to improve, succeed and really win in the game of golf, business and life.

David Norman is a successful golf psychologist, 'competitive mental toughness' skills trainer and performance coach with a proven track record coaching some of the world's top PGA tour professional golfers. A regular writer and panelist for Golf Monthly, has appeared on Sky TV Golf Extra, and runs popular 'mental keys to success in golf' open, club & corporate (& unique business/golf) talks and seminars for amateur players.

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