NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) in Business

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As much as 95% of your behaviour is patterned, programmed, and therefore predictable. NLP is the study of these patterns and programmes, and is designed to add choices to achieving and maintaining career, business and life success.

NLP gives you the skills to identify patterns in yourself and others, allowing you to predict and direct human behaviour more accurately than ever before. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a meta-disciplinary field, a field about other fields. NLP is being successfully applied in businesses and organisations to accelerate excellence in human performance. Used by; Olympic teams, political leaders, the military, professional golfers and high-achieving business executives in Fortune 500 & Times top 100 firms. For example, when was the last time you really enjoyed buying something? Whether you decided on a capital purchase for the firm or a company car, or chose something for yourself like a home, your job or career, or even a partner - the sequence of thoughts, questions and comparisons which ultimately convinced you to make a decision will have been almost exactly the same. Our own unique buying strategy is just one of literally hundreds of unconscious patterns that guide our choices and decisions daily.

Most people have a good idea of 'what' changes, goals and learnings they want for themselves, and for others. NLP actually shows you 'how' to do it. It is flexible, natural and practical, and can easily be applied to a wide range of business situations. The world we live in is not the real world. It is only an unconscious map of our experience, but we act as if it were real. All behaviour derives from the models in our head. NLP offers specific and practical ways of making desired changes in your own and others behaviour. Well proven in accomplishing step-change improvements in; communications, leadership, creativity, learning, interpersonal skills, burnout avoidance, team-building, conflict resolution, sales growth, stress management, people management, self-development and culture change.

David Norman is highly experienced in introducing NLP to business executives at all levels. He has thoroughly researched the field and attended intensive formal trainings with the world's best master trainers co-founders and founders of NLP. An internationally certified trainer, master practitioner (double certification) and practitioner of NLP, master hypnotherapist and psychotherapist.

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