Training Strategies for Tomorrow, Today

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Introducing a radical, yet proven and measurable, breakthrough approach to compressing the learning curve. Reducing training time and costs, and dramatically improving workplace skills transfer and effectiveness

Just imagine, if you could seriously reduce training time, frustration and costs, with courses and programmes being 10% to 20%, possibly even 50% or more, productive. For some courses an amazing ten times improvement has been achieved.

Measurable results are achieved through quicker and far more effective transfer of learning, skills and behavioural change to the workplace. This unique approach - the 'High-Performance Format' methodology - is the future of training. Effective and applied independent of training material or topic. From director development to office junior induction. Most highly developed for behavioural skills development like; communications, interpersonal, sales, leadership and change management. A skilled integration of state-of-art, global best practices in accelerated learning, advanced training methods, and cumulative developments modelled from the world's very best communicators, trainers and presenters.

This talk will tell you about some of the highly developed techniques, processes and formats, which are based on extracting the very 'essence' of excellence from each approach or research method that actually delivers results. The power of this cutting-edge, yet tried and tested approach, resides in stacking, layering and sequencing these 'essences' and skilfully integrating them into a coherent methodology. Though largely seamless to delegates, except in improved training enjoyment, learning achievement and workplace performance. It represents a genuine paradigm transformation in skills and knowledge transfer and is more sophisticated, effective and powerful than other emerging popular methods like 'accelerated learning' for example. Come along and try out some new training ideas for yourself?

David Norman is a highly experienced training and development programme designer and developer, presenter and facilitator using the unique 'High-Performance Format' methodology. Many years broad international business strategy management consulting, and executive development experience. His current professional interests are in senior and top executive coaching, leadership development, accelerated training, as well as coaching some of the world’s top sports personalities.

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