Inventory catalogue of MindSkills Techniques resources

This is a summary register of technique or protocol topics. Many topics are also updated from time to time to reflect the latest research findings and best practice. The self-contained stand-alone MindSkills Techniques listed in this register are designed to give you real practical benefit.

Whilst there are often different ways to gain the same or similar result we aim whenever possible to design a protocol configuration that represents the very best approach to deliver, rapid, effective, safe, measurable and sustainable results. In addition the more senior, intellectually demanding and complex organisation demands the greater the depth and sophistication of the skills you require to be successful.

  1. Career Growth and Sucess
    • How to boost SELF-CONFIDENCE
    • How to boost SELF-ESTEEM
    • How to recall the feeling of SUCCESS in an instant
    • How to say ‘NO’ elegantly and persuasively
    • How to get rid of bad feelings with an EMOTIONAL detox
    • How to overcome disappointment and FAILURE (into learning)
    • How to learn from MISTAKES and avoid repeating them
    • How to make better decisions at a CAREER CROSSROADS
    • How to be a more flexible thinker from BLACK AND WHITE to gray
    • How to think BIG PICTURE as well as pay attention to the detail
    • How to build RESILIENCE by bouncing back from failure and mistakes to overcome obstacles, rejection and adversity

  2. Performance and Results
    • How to set, clarify and maintain focus to accomplish challenging GOALS
    • How to ensure your VALUES align with what you really want
    • How to effortlessly boost PERFORMANCE
    • How to feel truly WONDERFUL at any time
    • How to get MOTIVATED to do important things
    • How to solve a tricky PROBLEM quickly
    • How to turn FRUSTRATION into flexibility
    • How to take greater initiative by becoming more PROACTIVE
    • How to avoid the PERFECTIONIST trap by doing your best and leave it at that
    • How to take a balanced perspective of OPTIMIMISM vs pessimism
    • How to replace your INNER-CRITIC with an inner-friend and confidant

  3. Business Relationships
    • How to change potential CONFLICT into reconciliation
    • How to get over and forget a bad RELATIONSHIP
    • How to handle CRITICISM effectively
    • How to be both COMPETITIVE and COLLABORATIVE
    • How to network and meet PEOPLE that matter
    • How to perform well at an INTERVIEW

  4. Pressure, Stress and Wellness
    • How to convert ANXIETY into calm comfort
    • How to banish STRESS into deep calm
    • How to turn WORRY into tranquillity

  5. Psychometrics
  6. The MBTI (Myers Briggs) Format
    How to reshape your profile by expanding your behavioural flexibility around ‘type’ scales most relevant to business and leadership success. Mostly people already working in business would only need to work around making some shifts on one or at most two scale.

    • Introversion to Extroversion - How to overcome SHYNESS and become more outgoing
    • Sensing to iNtuiting How to accept difficulties as opportunities and be more open and accepting of vary
    • Feeling to Thinking How to make more logical, detached and objective DECISIONS
    • Perceiving to Judging How to be more focused on goals and RESULTS whilst completing tasks before deadlines

  7. Miscellaneous
    • How to always accurately REMEMBER left from right
    • How to get over the hurt of a past ROMANTIC relationship and move on

Techniques (‘Protocols’) - the procedure, language and steps for ‘quick mastery’ in ‘personal effectiveness’ in communications, learning and change (Techniques ToolBox).

Clusters - Families of techniques (‘protocols’) - eg. decision-making, delegation, visioning, power, creativity, assertiveness, time management, networking, strategic visioning, gravitas, deep calm, trust, collaboration, and so on).

Models - Chaining of ‘clusters’ and ‘protocols’ - eg. ‘positive’ => leadership, talent, entrepreneurship, team-building, change management, fulfilling potential, developing innovation, meetings, negotiation, presenting, learning, selling, business strategy, investor behaviour, wealth creation, sports performance, happiness, and so on, and ‘remedial’ => dyslexia, stammering, phobias, obsessive/compulsive, emotional distress, and so on.

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