How do you compress a typical one-day event into 90 minutes AND get better results?

By using a state-of-the-art, well-proven and powerful methodology that compresses the learning curve. Workouts enable people to measurably learn more, in greater depth, more easily, in less time, and be able to practically apply these new skills, capabilities and behaviours more quickly and effectively to their job and workplace.

The design, theoretical underpinnings and structure of Workouts are derived from many sources. One aspect of Workouts design that accelerates learning, skills acquisition, performance improvement and behaviour change involves stacking, layering and sequencing several dozen core patterns. Drawn from; learning styles, state management, stage location, verbal and non-verbal linguistics, energy projection, group rapport, and much more.

This accelerated training blueprint is a unique integration of advanced global best-practices in accelerated learning, advanced training methods, and cumulative developments modeled from the worlds best trainers, presenters and communicators.

Tried and tested benefits:

  • Huge time and cost savings
  • Well developed for soft, interpersonal and behavioural skills transfer
  • Suited to all organisational learning and development levels - from boardroom to office
  • Measurable improvements in applying learning, skills and behaviour more effectively on the job and into the workplace
  • Learning is intensive yet easy, relaxing and enjoyable
  • Attendees are away from their work for much less time

Delivering better results is derived from replicating the 'essence' of excellence modeled on patterns and models proven to actually deliver better performance. The power of this cutting-edge, yet tried and tested approach, resides in stacking, layering and sequencing these 'essences' and skillfully integrating, crafting and molding them into a coherent methodology.

As you can imagine in order to deliver superior performance, learning and results, in a fraction of the time, it is mandatory to adopt a different approach. The unique Workout methodology doesn't actually compress standard business/management psychology. Rather it integrates a confluence of what might be called 'multiple-psychologies' - cognitive, behavioural, sensory, emotional, linguistic, spatial, and so on. A little like Harvard education professor Howard Gardner's 'multiple-intelligences,' only different.

Workouts represent a genuine paradigm transformation in skills and knowledge transfer, and although largely seamless to delegates, results are achieved through quicker and more effective transfer of learning, skills and behavioural change to the workplace.

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