Two Different Presentation Formats

All 70+ Workout topics are available in two different presentation formats to satisfy different dominant audience learning preferences. EXECUTIVE/lecture style for groups up to 12 people, and STAFF/participative for groups of up to 25 people.

This is based on the solid academic foundations of David Kolb's 4 quadrant learning styles work and Bernice McCarthy's work successfully applied in the educational system and corporate executive development. In our experience of working extensively with all 4 quadrants the two most dominant in organisational learning and development tend to be:

  1. 'What' or more academic/reflective learners - we find most senior executives and intellectually challenged professionals (like bankers, solicitors, etc.) prefer this style. We call this format option 'EXECUTIVE/lecture' style.
  2. The other dominant style is 'How' learners. This is appeals to the 'just do it' in-the-moment action learners. Mostly prefer little of no theory and explanations, they simply want to get into action straight away - high energy (buzz), working in pairs and small group work, and so on. We call this format option 'STAFF/participative' style.

Accelerating learning is partially accomplished by presenting each Workout topic in a specific style sequence. Each topic is designed and presented in this manner, but has a disproportionate emphasis on one or other of the dominant styles to more closely match the mainstream expectations of organisations.


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