Fees & Conditions

Formats (for all 70+ topics) First Event Subsequent Event Max # Delegates
STAFF (Participative style) POA POA 25
EXECUTIVE (Lecture style) POA POA 12

Geography - Europe: For all European locations (presented in English only at present) fee quoted in Euro's, and a minimum of 2 Workouts to be presented on any one day. USA, SE Asia and RoW: by quotation

Event Location - All events are held at the organisations own offices, premises, factory or designated off-site venue.

25% Discount on Your First Booking

So you can experience first hand the value, speed and effectiveness of these Workouts to your organisation, on any of the more than 70 topics to choose from, you will be entitled to a 25% DISCOUNT for the first Workout purchase. You can get a 33% discount by selecting three different behavioural Workouts and we will deliver one free. This will give you a more balanced appreciation of the benefits of the approach.

Fee - is inclusive of delegate worksheets, preparation, etc. PLUS VAT/local taxes and travel and accommodation expenses at cost.


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