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In-Company Skills Transfer Workshops

Standard, Customised and Bespoke

Workshops, courses and programmes are designed as unique focused events at the forefront of management thinking, applied research and global best practice in leadership transformation, director development and talent management. These inspirational events provide delegates with important up-to-date knowledge, unique insights and valuable new skills to successfully meet existing and new business challenges.

All in-company events are available as standard, customised or bespoke. LDX can design, develop and deliver to match specific client needs. We are also more than happy to design professional PowerPoint presentations, prepare delegate workbook masters and provide detailed trainer notes and train-the-trainer/presenter/facilitator personal development in course content, impart deep knowledge, and advanced presenting skills transfer.

At these practical best practice workshops, delegates will:

  • Immediate - Learn how to use specific tools, ideas and techniques that immediately can be applied to their day-to-day management
  • Quality - Improve the quality of delegate thinking, learning and goal focus
  • Solutions - Make a stronger shift from ‘comfort zone’ (problem/past) to a ‘results zone’ (solution/future) orientation
  • Hone - Will hone communications, leadership and change management skills
  • Potential - Designed to unlock potential, develop careers and enhance professional development
  • Results - Learn how to make behaviour changes, get better performance and superior results

All courses are designed, developed and facilitated using the unique LDX High-Performance Executive learning Format. An exciting multi-level compressed learning curve approach that consistently delivers better results in less time. This means delegates learn more skills, more thoroughly, in less time, and are able to practically apply them to their job immediately. Since many of the learning patterns are generative (learning-to-learn/double loop) this means that delegates will continuously improve performance over time.

Skills transfer courses are enjoyable, inspiring and highly participatory with a mix of presentations, demonstrations, discussion, peer learning, plenary and practical breakout group exercises, designed to accelerate learning, performance and development needs. We are specialists in designing workshops to client specifications or requirements. We can custom design an event that satisfies virtually ANY behavioural capabilities, competencies or skills workshop to meet specific requirements.

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