Group and Team Coaching

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In-Company Behaviour Change Courses

Some typical topics include:

  1. Effective decision-making

  2. Better strategic thinking

  3. Setting priorities

  4. Handling criticism effectively

  5. Boosting motivation

  6. Being more assertive

  7. Confidence in business critical presenting

  8. Being more adaptable

  9. Turning mistakes into learning

  10. Removing negative emotions (anger, anxiety, fear, etc.)

  11. Being more creative and innovative

  12. Aligning values

  13. Managing risk

  14. Pressure/stress management

  15. Doing big picture visioning

For more information and details of these rapid effective competencies behaviour change programmes go to the accelerated leadership mastery programme, cases studies illustrated for each coaching style (eg. CEO, leadership, development, etc) and outlined in the applied research report presentations and short articles in the Leadership DynamiX Forum section.

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